My Life in France: Book Review

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My Life in France by Julia Child is a delightful romp through Julia Child’s discovery of cooking, specifically French cuisine. Julia’s voice is clear throughout the memoir and her jois de vive is evident. This book was pleasant and enjoyable to read and also inspiring.

Through Julia’s hard work, pluck, happy attitude and a little luck, she was able to rise from a mediocre cook to the USA’s premier French cook. Today, there is an exhibit of Julia Child’s kitchen in the Smithsonian’s American History museum. That would not have happened had Julia not determined that she would figure out French cuisine and translate it into something simpler for American audiences.

Also throughout this book is the sweet and companionable marriage of Paul and Julia Child. They were best friends, and each other’s number one fan. They worked hard together to build Paul’s career in the government and his hobby as a photographer and also to build Julia’s cooking career. Along the way, they collected a group of interesting and lovely friends.

All in all, this is a highly recommended read that may help to change some American’s minds about French cuisine and ultimately France itself.

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