Babywearing Blitz!

Today I would like to share some bookmark-worthy posts that highlight all aspects of babywearing. These posts were featured on the personal blogs of the Natural Parents Network volunteers and are full of great information!

Be sure to check out my two babywearing giveaways that are about to end (on September 30!) for a Moby Wrap and a Boba 3G and 2 Boba Wraps! I’ve got more great babywearing giveaways to come, including a pretty exciting one this week, so be sure to come back!

Now enjoy all that my fellow Natural Parents Network volunteers have to offer in terms of babywearing knowledge!

Benefits of Babywearing/Reasons To Babywear

Types of Carriers/ Choosing A Carrier

Babywearing Safety

Babywearing How-Tos

BabywearingToddlers/More Than One Child

Personal Babywearing Stories and/or Photos

Babywearing Series/Multiple Topics

Babywearing – Other Interesting Topics

A special thank you to Erika Hastings of the blog Mud Spice for creating and sharing her babywearing art with the world!

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