Our Nighttime Potty Learning Solution: Super Undies

Marcella is potty independent during the day but not at night. She is still wearing her cloth diapers when she goes to bed as as result. The problem with this is she has no desire to use the bathroom when her diaper is on. But if she doesn’t wear one, the probability she will wet the bed is high as she will sleep through without waking up.Enter Super Undies! I was hopeful that this would be a good solution for our dilemma. I wanted to give Marcella the feel, look and functionality of underwear with the protection of a diaper. And the Super Undies do just that.

For the unfamiliar, Super Undies offer potty learning pants (in pocket and pull-on styles) as well as the product we are using, the nighttime potty learning pants.

When we received them in the mail, Marcella was pretty excited. I had showed her the colors online and let her choose which one she wanted. She picked the yellow color, called Walloping Wallaby. (They also have green, blue and purple.)

They come with six layers of thirsty microfiber absorbency built in, and fleece covered elastic legs and waist. The fleece makes it more comfortable and gives a more leak resistant fit since it is a water repellent fleece. In fact, Marcella has never leaked through them, not even close. If she did, though, these have a pocket that you can add more absorbency which is pretty cool.

What I love is that she can put these on herself and take them off herself just like real underwear. They are bulky, like a diaper, but she still associates them with underwear, like she wears during the day. She did complain a little about the seams bothering her (you can see in the picture below the underwear flipped inside out) but she’s only mentioned it a couple times.

They are easy to wash. At first, I felt like I needed to flip them inside out and pull out the absorbent layer to get it clean in the wash, but then I tried it without doing that and my top loader agitated that layer out so now I don’t even bother with that extra step.

Below is a video from Super Undies explaining it better than I have and you can see the ins and outs of it better this way.

Overall, we’ve been very happy with this nighttime underwear. She won’t go to the bathroom in it when she is awake and it keeps her dry (and her sheets!) when she’s asleep. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post but did receive a complimentary nighttime potty training pant for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. I only review products that I either have purchased myself and love or products I have been given a chance to review by the company that I believe are products my readers would benefit from. The Amazon links are affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using these links I receive a small percentage from the sale. Thank you for your support!

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