Staying Cool and Having Fun with Kids

There are the obvious ways to still have fun outside with the kids while staying cool like the pool (if you have access to one), a sprinkler in the backyard or a kiddie pool, but sometimes you just want to be inside when it’s 100+ degrees. Below I’ve compiled some things you can do to have a lot of fun but not be drenched in sweat.

  • Indoor Water Park – Check your community to see if you have an indoor water park available to you. I only recently discovered here locally we have The Kroc Center’s Aquatic Center. It is the perfect little water park for little ones (along with a giant slide for the older kids) and there is also a pool and hot tub as well. There are lockers and changing facilities located right outside the aquatic center as well. A day pass is $6 a person so you could also catch a fitness class (a child watch area is provided), go hang out at the Cafe or, if the weather isn’t too miserable, there is a playground outside as well.
  • Paint Your Own Pottery – Depending on the age of your child, this could be a really fun activity. I know my 3 year old would love it! Locally we have Color Clay Cafe and The Glazing Pot. If you haven’t been before, typically you pick out and pay for a piece of pottery, paint it (they supply the paint) and leave it for them to fire and glaze it for you. Then you just have to come back to pick it up at a later time. Some places also provide drinks and snacks for purchase as well.


  • Get a Drink– One of my daughter’s favorite thing to do is go downtown for a yummy tea drink at O-Cha Tea Bar. Maybe your little one has a favorite place to get a cool drink you could offer to take them or you could check out some local small businesses if you don’t have a favorite yet. Sometimes we get a sweet treat like a scone or lunch while we’re there, too.
  • Indoor PlayGiggle Bugs, Monkey Joe’s, PlayNation and Pavilion Bounce House are some of the options we have locally. Marcella can spend hours bouncing all her energy out and she always loves playing with the other kids there, too. Just remember to bring some water and snacks if you don’t want to have to be stuck with a hungry, thirsty child and have to buy what is available.
  • Library– This one’s kind of obvious, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway. They have fun kids activities, stuff to play with, books (of course!), DVD’s, music, and Marcella even enjoys clicking around on the computers and wearing the headphones. Our downtown branch even has a big playroom with lots of fun things to do. You can sign your child up for the summer reading program while you’re there, too.


  • Homemade Popsicles– This one is for home. Make some homemade popsicles together! Kids love being part of helping in the kitchen. Popsicle molds are inexpensive (or just get some sticks and Dixie cups even) and you probably already have ingredients on hand. Fruit, yogurt and honey or pure maple syrup to sweeten makes a super simple popsicle. There are tons of recipes on my Pinterest Sweets board if you prefer to follow a recipe. Then, later, you and your kids get to enjoy a yummy cold treat!


  • Storytime– Find out where in your community hosts a Storytime. Of course, the library does but try to branch out and find some other places as well just for something different. In our community Fiction Addiction and Barnes & Noble have regular storytimes.
  • Summer Movies– Regal Entertainment Group has a Summer Movie Express every year in June and July where they show 2 G or PG movies for $1 at 10am on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The thing I like about this is if/when you’re toddler decides they don’t want to sit still anymore, no big deal. You can just leave. After all, the tickets were only a dollar. 😉
  • Music Classes-Marcella loves music and instruments as most kids do. She really enjoyed the classes she has taken at Noteability and Music Together. Check your area to see what types of places offer music classes. You can usually take one class free to see what it’s all about before paying for a session.
  • Indoor Sports-Check out your rec department for information on what indoor sports are available. Marcella enjoyed Gymnastics this summer!

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