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Baby isn’t the only one with a birthday coming up! My birthday is July 19 (so baby and I may end up sharing a birthday!) With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to create a little wish list today of presents I’d love to receive for me and baby. It’s like shopping for free. šŸ™‚ The best part is all of these are small businesses so buying them supports a family somewhere just like me! (For more small business love, check out the awesome Small Business series at That Mama Gretchen! There are some amazing giveaways there, too!)

I’m in love with this perfume bottle and the scentsĀ sound heavenly as well. I just discovered this Etsy shop (Wooly Moss Roots) today via Hybrid Rasta Mama who happens to have a giveawayĀ for this shop going on right now! Of course, I entered!

I’d love to try these Lactation Cookies from Making Mama’s MilkĀ & More!

This baby carrier from Baby Ette is for the water! This would great to take Marcella and baby to the pool this summer. It’s also lightweight mesh for just wearing around for the hot months, too.

A gift certificate to O-Cha Tea Bar would be lovely. I love their yummy snow cream teas!



Pretty nursing necklaces from KangarooCare and Monkey Mama Necklaces

Jane Austen dish towels from Brookish

Cute baby set from Lucy Locket Creations

Dr. Seuss one-size cloth diaper from Smush Tush Diapers

I’m newly in love with the soaps and lotions from Shoals Creek Farm.

I really want one of the Minky diapers fromĀ Silly Bear Handmade. Here’s a neat star one I thought it was fitting since Baby’s room is a star theme.

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