My Mother Blessing

20120630-171045.jpgI had the blessing of being surrounded by family, as well as my best friend, for a Mother Blessing to celebrate my pregnancy and the baby we will be welcoming into our family soon. A Mother Blessing (sometimes also called a Blessingway) is a special time to really focus on the mom and baby and is very different than a traditional baby shower. I had 5 baby showers when I was pregnant with Marcella and very much enjoyed each one but this time around, a Mother Blessing was exactly what I needed.

The evening started with henna by my talented friend Katy. I LOVED my gorgeously hennaed belly!20120630-171124.jpg

The guests received a small henna tattoo of their own in a flower design that was also on my belly.

My mom was the hostess and planned everything. She shared how children and pregnancy are blessings and that was what we were celebrating that night. She said the purpose of this celebration was to give honor, glory and praise to God for His gift of children and to come together as women to give support and bless me in my pregnancy journey.


Then it was time for a feast! The delicious food: greek layered dip; asian chicken salad in wonton cups; fruit with brown sugar dip; mini caprese bites; twice baked potato bites; mexican appetizer biscuits bites; cran-raspberry pina colada punch; infused raspberry, lime, mint water; peach mango infused water; salted caramel brownie bites; smores on a stick; and strawberry lemonade bars.


My genealogy was shared on my mother’s side as a way of honoring my heritage and the women who had gone before me. We sang hymns and read scripture.

My aunt washed and massaged my feet with some lavendar vanilla goat’s milk soap after I had an herbal foot bath. I enjoyed a hand/arm massage by another aunt with some coconut oil lotion.


My first cousin once removed (in other words, my cousin’s daughter:)) gave me a pedicure.

My mom brushed my hair and my cousin braided my hair and then put a crown of fresh flowers she made on my head.20120630-171212.jpg

We had a beautiful time of sharing where everyone read prayers, poems, scriptures and blessings to me about pregnancy, childbirth, baby boys, etc. After each guest had shared, they picked a string and wrapped it around a candle for me to keep to remind me of all their thoughts and prayers for me.20120630-171221.jpg

We had dessert, coffee and tea.

At the end, I was presented with a quilt made by my best friend (of Lucy Locket Creations) made partly from my grandmother’s dresses.20120630-171202.jpg



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