Activities for an Older Sibling at Your Birth

We decided that we would possibly like our daughter to attend the birth of her baby brother. We will be at a birth center so she won’t be at home with all of her things so I made sure to pack her a bag just like I did for myself. Even if we end up deciding it would be better for her to be elsewhere, the plan is for her to go with my dad so she will still need her things with her. I let her pick out a new toothbrush (she needed one anyway) so she will have a special new one to use, too while I’m in my birthing time.

Green Start: Numbers in Nature (Book and Game)

In addition to packing a bag of clothes, toiletries, etc for her, I have a special second bag full of several little wrapped gifts so we can give her a new one to open as needed to give her something to do. I tried to keep it to things that would take her some time to do and that I know she really likes. I also have some DVDs from the library I’ll be bringing since the birth center has a DVD player available in the waiting area. I’m hoping we can sort of keep the actual fact we have a whole bag full of things from her so that she won’t ask to open them all at once and we can just pull out one thing at a time when we are feeling like she really needs a diversion. Below are the items we got for her and they are wrapped, packed and ready to go!

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