Preparing for Birth: Birth Stories

Welcome to the first week in our 10 week series on Preparing for Birth! This week’s focus is on birth stories. I love reading birth stories and believe it really helped me in my first pregnancy and birth to read and listen to many to get an idea of what birth was like. I especially loved the ones in Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth as they all showed how natural birth really is.

I’ll be sharing Marcella’s full birth story for the first time on the blog but I have written here and there about her birth. When I shared the benefits of water birth, I discussed some aspects of her birth and in my journey to motherhood post, I did as well.

Along with my birth story, I also have several others to share with you!

Be on the lookout later this week for Marcella’s Birth Story as well as a guest to the blog, Erica from ChildOrganics sharing her birth story. Sarah from Parenting God’s Children will also be sharing a birth story this week on her blog and I’ll post about that this week as well.
In the weeks to come in the Preparing for Birth Series:
Birth Support (May 21 – May 27)
Breastfeeding (May 28 – June 3)
Birth Plans (June 4 – June 10)
New Baby Care (June 11 – June 17)
Postpartum Care (June 18 – June 24)
Other Birth Resources (June 25 – July 1)
Advice for the New Mom (July 2 – July 8 )

Want to participate? Learn more in my Call for Submissions post.

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