O-Cha Tea Bar

from O-Cha Tea Bar's Facebook pageFor my birthday this year, I wanted to try out a place for lunch that I’d heard about and hadn’t had the chance to visit yet, O-Cha Tea Bar. Located in Downtown Greenville, O-Cha offers hot and cold tea drinks as well as menu items for a light lunch and desserts.

I went along with my mom and daughter and we ordered iced slushy tea (peach green tea for me) with jellies and tapioca pearls. I wasn’t crazy about the pearls but loved the jellies and the drink itself was SO good! I loved it! It was refreshing and delicious and different and fun all rolled up in one.


We decided it would be fun to get 3 things and split them between the 3 of us so we settled on the Mozzarella Tomato Salad, Hummus Plate and Turkey and Swiss Filled Croissant. All 3 were really good and we enjoyed sharing them. I would definitely be happy to have any of the 3 on a return trip for lunch (which I hope to make soon!)

I love the fact that they have an extensive tea menu as well as offering other hot and cold drinks as well. You can also buy yummy tea ice cream which is one of my favorite things ever (although I have not had any there before). And you can purchase loose tea to take home and make yourself.

I enjoyed my experience there and loved the unique drinks. I definitely want to go again (and have since then once) and would recommend it for when you’re downtown.

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