Reading the Bible in 90 Days

I have now read through the Bible twice in two different ways (once chronologically and once a different section a day) but never straight through from beginning to end. Once it took me well over a year to finish and the next time I read it in a year. This time I am attempting to read through from Genesis to Revelation in 90 days.


It sounds daunting and I’m kind of surprised that I’m committing to that amount of reading since I barely read a couple pages in a book or magazine every week. But I just signed myself up for the Mom’s Toolbox July – October Bible in 90 Days Challenge. It starts July 11. I’ve printed out my schedule so I’m ready to go!


I would LOVE to have you join me! You don’t have to be a Christian; anyone is welcome to be a part of this challenge! If you’re curious about how this challenge came to be, an Agnostic actually started it. Well, let me back up, he was an Agnostic until he decided to read through the Bible in 90 days. Halfway through the Old Testament, he became a Christian. Because of his experience, he decided to help others do the same and thus the Bible in 90 Days ministry was born.

Go sign yourself up if you’re interested in this challenge and let me know in the comments that you’re joining me! I’m sure I’ll need some encouragement along the way!

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