Don’t Breathe a Word: Book Review

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Don’t Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon

Looking like a good ghost story, or a simple suspenseful summer read, this book tempted me at Barnes and Noble.  I should’ve left it there. Filled with ideas striving at the fantastical, but always falling flat, this book is rather a waste of time.


The ending left it open for a sequel in pure blockbuster fashion, but unfortunately, the characters were so boring or inconsistent that I could care less about what happens to them.  The premise of a town disappearing completely and the idea that fairies were involved promised to be dark and filled with magic. Instead, it was an undone world seemingly patched together by recollections and observations of bland characters.

McMahon has written other suspenseful stories, but based on the quality of this one, I won’t be buying them.

Have you recently read a book that disappointed you?

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