10 Parenting Scriptures (via Dulce De Leche)

Natural Parents Network’s Carnival of Natural Parenting’s theme this month is Top 10 Lists. I have been loving all of them! I’ll probably end up linking up on Sunday to my favorites. This one, in particular, stuck out to me because it falls right in line with the series I have been doing on bible verses and children. For that reason, I wanted to share it with all of you. I hope it is a blessing to you as it was to me. (And if you want to check out my other posts in the series: “…Like a Father with his Children…”, “Let the Children Come to Me…” and What’s Your Super Power? (verses for nursing mothers).

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One of my deepest desires is to integrate my faith into every aspect of my life.  To be authentic in my spirituality.  Being a mom has caused me to re-examine many beliefs I had taken for granted and to be much more purposeful about how I live out my faith with my children.  These are 10 Bible passages that always inspire me and help me to breathe in grace…

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via Dulce de Leche

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