Alba Mint and Aloe Shaving Foam: Product Review

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I wanted to try a less toxic product for shaving but finding a foam, which is my preference, is hard to find. I finally came across Alba’s Mint and Aloe Shaving Foam. Although not as thick as a conventional shaving foam, it is still a foam and not a lotion. I just have to use more of this than I was use to with my conventional product. That part took some getting used to but once I figured out how much to use, it wasn’t an issue.

The description from the website says:

“Aerosol-free to help protect our environment. Formulated with organic botanicals and vitamin E to gently soothe the skin, plus organic aloe vera for a smooth, clean finish. Featuring a patented, aerosol-free, foaming technology that delivers a silky, lubricating foam to soften hair for effortless razor glide and prevent troublesome razor clogs.”

I love the scent. With conventional types, I always had to use unscented for sensitive skin which was kind of boring but this scent is hypoallergenic so I could go for a fun scent! Yay! (I will say that the fragrance probably makes this not as toxin-free as an unscented version. It is not listed in Skin Deep’s Database but that would just be my assumption.) It is very light and subtle but it is still there. The mint and aloe also feel very cooling and refreshing afterwards so instead of my skin feeling like it’s burning (once again, I have sensitive skin), it feels really nice. I really never imagined that my skin could actually not feel like it was burning afterwards. What a nice change it has been! It honestly makes me wonder if it is related to the chemicals in the products I was using before possibly being the reason for it.

All in all, I really like this product. I actually have Alba’s Mango Vanilla Shaving Foam to try when this runs out because I was so happy with this product.

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