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Lindsey Holder of Organic Tan

I’ve reached 3,000 hits which means it’s time for another guest here at A Little Bit of All of It! I’m excited to introduce you to Lindsey Holder of Organic Tan. You can check out the Organic Tan website and also follow Organic Tan on Facebook and Twitter at @organictan.

I had the privilege of having Lindsey spray me this summer and I loved my natural looking tan! I especially loved that I wasn’t putting a bunch of nasty chemicals on my body. Lindsey agreed to answer some questions I had about her business. Happy Reading!

What gave you the idea for Organic Tan?
After living in LA for 7 years and paying $65 each time for a spray tan, I wanted to create an affordable beauty service for the upstate when I moved back. My passions include environmental & organic choices AND being tan, of course, so starting Organic Tan was a natural fit!
What is actually being sprayed on a person when they come to you for a tan?
I researched a lot of products and lines before deciding on the current one I use. I’m thrilled to have amazing ingredients like walnut & cranberry seed extract, Hawaiian sea extract & Vitamin C included. Of course the most important ingredient is the Eco-certified DHA, which is the coloring agent,giving you that amazing color!
How does your product differ from self-tanning lotions that can be applied at home and sunless spray tan booths at traditional tanning salons?
It’s no secret what ingredients are in my product. You know exactly what’s being sprayed onto your body & all ingredients are listed on my site. It’s also important to review in case you have high allergies to natural ingredients (like walnuts, for example). Self-tanners are hard to get an even look and can be especially rough around the hands, ankles and feet. Sunless spray booths are also hit or miss in those hard-to-tan spots. One false move & you can look like Ross from the Friends episode where he had a tanning mishap!
Good question & I’m glad you asked that. It has been equally important to not only have an organic product, but run the service in an environmental friendly way. A few ways I do this are:
  • I use a fresh towel for each client & wash them for each use (as opposed to using a plastic or paper material)
  • I wear washable cotton gloves & have cotton hats for each client (vs.vinyl gloves & plastic)
  • My choice for a great cleaning brand is Method. I use different products for cleaning the floors, doors, sink & even mirrors. I’m addicted!
  • I do not mail out any materials to my clients. Any correspondence is used using e-mail…including my Christmas cards!
  • Marketing materials, flyers & gift cards are printed on recycled paper

What other products do you sell and/or recommend to your clients?
My FAVORITE product is the Moroccan Mineral Facial tanner lotion. It is amazing and great to use when your face lightens up, usually around day 3. It really holds your color well until the tan fades off. I also offer a DHA extending lotion to apply daily to extend your tan many days after. Other great products are also listed at Organic Tan.
What is the best way to keep your Organic Tan looking its best?
When showering, don’t rub too harshly on the skin. Shower lightly with a soft sponge, not a hard loofah. Moisturize daily, but make sure your lotion does not contain mineral oil. Mineral oil can take off a tan prematurely.
What should a person do to prepare for getting an Organic Tan?
It is best to shower, shave & exfoliate before getting a tan. Ridding the skin of dead skin cells assures a smoother looking tan. Make-up & deodorant free are also the best way to go. If wanting a pedicure or manicure, plan to get those tootsies polished ahead of time before your tan for best results.
Hope you enjoyed reading! Now go try Organic Tan for yourself! It looks so natural and, well, it is!
You can also find Lindsey at her blog, The Savvy Assistant. She writes about her experiences as an assistant to 3 top recording artists giving tips to other assistants, as well as great travel tips, healthy recipes, alternative medicine and exercise. There is really something for everyone over there and I especially love all her videos, too. The Savvy Assistant is on Facebook as well.

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