e.l.f. Nail Polish Removal Pads: Product Review

As I was removing my nail polish today, I was once again thankful for my discovery of the most awesome nail polish remover ever! I used to really dread taking off my nail polish because it was such a pain. Now, it’s so easy! I use e.l.f.’s Nail Polish Removal Pads.

There were 2 main things I hated about traditional nail polish remover: the smell and that it always dried out my skin really badly. These pads do neither. They have a nice, clean citrus scent that doesn’t burn my nose and eyes. My husband ALWAYS complained in the past when I got out the nail polisher remover bottle and asked me to not open it while he was in the room because the scent gave him a headache. No longer an issue with these pads!

I also love that I no longer have to deal with dried out skin anymore when removing nail polish. These are very gentle yet get the job done.  A side benefit is they come in a small little container, no big bottle to store. One of the best parts, however, is the price! $1.o0 buys you 18 pads. I usually use 1-2 pads for my finger nails and 2-3 for my toe nails. (Darker colors take longer to remove.) Since discovering these, I have never bought another bottle of that heinous smelling drugstore polish remover.

A side note, e.l.f. stands for eyes lips face and the company has lots of great products. Their products are all super cheap! A lot of the items are only $1.00 like the nail polish removal pads. They have a full line of cosmetics and related tools, as well as bath products. Check them out! Right now they have a special where you can pay just $1.98 for shipping when you spend $20 or more. (Use coupon code June198 by June 14 to get this special.)

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