My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!

The one person that always supports me unconditionally is my mother. She never wavers. She has stood by all my “different” decisions, my always going against convention.

She watched my baby being born, helped her be born along with my husband. She made chicken and rice soup for me and brought it to me when the contractions started getting stronger in the beginning, strong enough I got into her bathtub that she disinfected herself, per the midwife’s instructions, to ease them.

After my baby was born, she helped me so much. She helped me with breastfeeding when I was at rock bottom on Day 3. She rocked my colicky, screaming daughter countless times in those first 3 months. I don’t recall her ever getting frustrated with her either like I did in 5 seconds.

She has washed my hair, my husband’s dirty clothes and my daughter’s cloth diapers. She has fed and nurtured us all.

My mother loves me. This I will always know. And this brings me full circle. When describing my love for my daughter, my mother told me, “Do you know that is how I feel about you.”

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