What can you expect to read about here??

That’s a good question. So glad you asked! 😉

Product Reviews – mostly baby stuff probably, but you never know what I might throw in

Parenting/Babies/Childbirth – um, obviously and this will tend toward the crunchy side

Christianity – what I’m learning, links to great messages, etc.

Book Reviews – fiction, non-fiction, parenting, childbirth, christianity, whatever else

Recipes/Food – I love recipes and food in general even if I don’t cook everyday

Daily Life/Random – Sorry, but it’s my blog so I reserve the right to post about my boring life and any other random topic 😉

I plan on having guest writers from time to time as well because variety is the spice of life, right?

Anything else you want to hear about? Let me know! I can’t write about quantum physics but everything else is fair game. 😉

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